Captain Kid Amusement Park

Go Karts At Seaside Speedway

“Seaside Speedway” was completed in January 2021 and officially opened to a crowd on March 20, 2021. Owner Bruce Rath designed the course and did most of the work himself with help forming and pouring the concrete from the late Wade Halbrook and crew. The 600 foot long track includes corners and hills, making it exciting and competitive. If you prefer not to race, there is a covered stadium to observe and cheer your favorite racer along. Seaside Speedway is a very unique family friendly go karting experience, unlike any other you may have experienced.

We do allow younger drivers who are at least 10 years old and 58″ tall, but they must read and follow all the safety rules, as well as sign with their parents acknowledging they are old enough and understand the rules and risks. Go karting involves the ability to pay attention and follow these rules and we strictly enforce safety on the track so the experience can be fun for everyone. We want all to have fun and leave here with smiles on their faces!
Minimum height 58″, under 58″  AND under 10 years old can ride with an adult in a passenger car