Captain Kid Amusement Park

1972 B.A. Schiff Family Roller Coaster

Our single train 5 car B.A. Schiff park model, lovingly known as “Sharkbite” is a coaster the whole family loves. Each car can seat 1-2 riders. Minimum height 34”, under 48” must ride with a supervising companion. FUN FACTS!

We are listed in the RCDB (rollercoaster database) on the good ole internet! We got this coaster in 2020 from a family fun center in PA. There are huge groups of rollercoaster enthusiasts that travel the world with the goal of riding every rollercoaster made.

The furthest travelers came all the way from Washington, D.C. and Cleveland, Ohio just to ride the coaster. Both enthusiasts, Rick and Keith had ridden so many other coasters; Rick 1712 and Keith 1620! Now that’s what we call fun!Minimum height 34″, under 48″ must ride with a supervising companion at least 16 years old. Maximum weight per car 225 lbs